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In a splendid setting, that of Lake Garda, but in particular of Torri del Benaco, (a charming town poised between tradition and modernity), our small shop has grown. Le Rubinare sas of Mischi & c. where my family and I, plus some collaborators try to sell good things for the palate.

A shop where you can find cured meats, cheeses, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and many many other things all united by the production quality, by a passionate research.

Why choose us? because with us you find quality, service and a pinch of madness that can make a pleasant necessity something new, succulent but surprising at the same time. In short, you don't find everything with us, but if you are looking just  for good things for your larder we have a lot.

Mischishop was created to show you which of our products you can also receive directly to your home, but be careful, not all products are displayed here, if you have any special requests, do not hesitate to contact us!

About Us

Andrea Mischi

store owner

I am Andrea Mischi, son of Raffaele Mischi, an esteemed food specialist who for years managed the grocery store in Lazise with the homonymous name.

With my wife Arilane Soares dos Santos, I opened our shop almost twenty years ago.

it started out as a traditional village food store but through research, selection and passionate promotion, it has become a small but well-stocked treasure chest of good things for the palate. We love meeting you here in our shop, the web certainly doesn't give us that satisfying feeling when we see the enjoyment in your eyes when you quickly but effectively taste one of our little courtesy which is nothing more than a small taste of one of our products.

Nothing replaces that type of sale, for us that is the only truly appreciated sale, but if you already know our products, you have run out of them or you regret having bought just a few, and you cannot go back to enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of our delicious town in a short time, this is the modern and effective sales channel that's right for you.

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First of all quality ...

The products you can buy here have been sold in our stores for decades.
From today, you can receive them throughout the European Community, directly at home, with professional anti-breakage packaging. All products sold include shipping. Payment by credit card or bank transfer,or Paypal (in this case the minimum order quantity is higher). also evaluate our offers including shipping in the "our suggestions" section

Condiment for food based on extra virgin olive oil

Sauces for pasta and bruschetta

Vinegars and Balsamic Condiments

After years of experience we have been able to devise a line of top quality condiments and balsamic vinegars produced only with wine vinegar and cooked grape must, with different levels of concentration and sweetness. Produced exclusively in an artisanal way in the areas where the necessary know-how is present, we follow all stages of processing together with the manufacturer. Aging and resting in the bottle is fundamental for us for the success of our balsamic condiments. You will find a wide choice ranging from the most liquid and sour to the most dense and sweet. Balsamic vinegars of Modena, 6% acidity, or condiments without thickeners with reduced acidity. We have bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 liter ... but don't think that larger bottles contain a less quality product! our policy is to give the best with the best possible price. we can say that , we transform exclusive products into "for almost every day nectar". We cannot guarantee a low price, on the other hand the quality costs. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts ... the right vinegar for you is waiting for you!

Cold extracted extra virgin olive oil

We grew up in one of the most favorable areas for extra virgin olive oil, Lake Garda, and the Mischi family also owns a hill in the Veronese countryside where there is a magnificent olive grove (80% Grignano type). Our oils are obtained from selected and hand-picked olives, pressed no later than 24 hours and no later than the last ten days of November. In the case of the oil of the farm Le Rive di A. Mischi, the olives are also harvested in the first ten days of October, with a very low oil yield (in 2020 only 10%). This explains our prices, not always cheap, but honest if you think that some producers get even more than double the yields, thanks to the late harvest of the olives with inevitable increase in acidity, loss of polyphenols, and all these characteristics of the olives. (bitter, spicy, )never excessive in our case, but essential in an excellent oil!

Pasta and rice

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On this online shop you can buy most of our best-selling products, but if you are around here, near Lake Garda, don't miss Torri del Benaco.

Torri del Benaco, it is a small gem on the shores of Lake Garda, far from the crowds of the cities but also of other neighboring towns, capable of retaining weekend's visitors , making people interested in buying a home for a escape from the city, but above all capable of creating a pleasant and charming atmosphere, ideal for a holiday dedicated to the "dolce vita style"

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