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In a splendid setting, that of Lake Garda, but in particular of Torri del Benaco, (a charming town poised between tradition and modernity), our small shop has grown. Le Rubinare sas of Mischi & c. where my family and I, plus some collaborators try to sell good things for the palate.

A shop where you can find cured meats, cheeses, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and many many other things all united by the production quality, by a passionate research.

Why choose us? because with us you find quality, service and a pinch of madness that can make a pleasant necessity something new, succulent but surprising at the same time. In short, you don't find everything with us, but if you are looking just  for good things for your larder we have a lot.

Mischishop was created to show you which of our products you can also receive directly to your home, but be careful, not all products are displayed here, if you have any special requests, do not hesitate to contact us!

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About Us

Andrea Mischi

store owner

I am Andrea Mischi, son of Raffaele Mischi, an esteemed food specialist who for years managed the grocery store in Lazise with the homonymous name.

it started out as a traditional village food store but through research, selection and passionate promotion, it has become a small but well-stocked treasure chest of good things for the palate. We love meeting you here in our shop, the web certainly doesn't give us that satisfying feeling when we see the enjoyment in your eyes when you quickly but effectively taste one of our little courtesy which is nothing more than a small taste of one of our products.

Nothing replaces that type of sale, for us that is the only truly appreciated sale, but if you already know our products, you have run out of them or you regret having bought just a few, and you cannot go back to enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of our delicious town in a short time, this is the modern and effective sales channel that's right for you.

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On this online shop you can buy most of our best-selling products, but if you are around here, near Lake Garda, don't miss Torri del Benaco.

Torri del Benaco, it is a small gem on the shores of Lake Garda, far from the crowds of the cities but also of other neighboring towns, capable of retaining weekend's visitors , making people interested in buying a home for a escape from the city, but above all capable of creating a pleasant and charming atmosphere, ideal for a holiday dedicated to the "dolce vita style"

where we are

corso Dante Alighieri 8/10 Torri del Benaco

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